Welcome to my world of beautiful Queen Anne Style Wooden Dolls. I have been making dolls for many years. My recent creations have been wooden dolls inspired by antique wooden Queen Anne dolls from around 1680 to early 1800s. All my dolls hand carved from the wood and dressed on hand stitched costumes of this period.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Work on progress..

I am still working on lord dress, hours and hours , I an find antique pattern for men's dress online , costume for this doll will be made from antique velvet and early metallic trim . full lined with antique pineapple cloth and antique cotton lining . Some of cloth will be removable, almost done .......


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Working on progress , William & Mary period doll

I am working now William & Mary period doll , It is will be husband,  for Camilla .
Just got antique mohair wig and try to make wig for Lord , ( it is real antique men's wig , let see

She is waiting ................

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Queen Anne doll reproduction , ready and available

Meet to Nice Lady , She has very sweet old English name Luella , or just simple Lady Lu
Doll 21" tall , all cloth is removable , except shoes and bonnet . All antique textiles : Antique French silk brocade , rare lush trim , antique silk  hand quilted skirt  , stomacher with velvet ribbon and metallic cord , French  Valenciennes lace, shoes  and pincushion made from antique very distressed velvet .
So many nice details , enjoy pictures .
One detail : I am used for stomacher antique corset bones and find , what company mark date on the bones ,
it is so cool , dated 1886 , and I leave this stamp visible .
 Doll available for sale , if you have question artdomart@yahoo.com


Queen Anne doll, little lady Matilda , Sold

Queen Anne doll, little lady  Matilda ,  11"

Monday, March 3, 2014

William and Mary period wooden doll reproduction

I am working on my new doll . This is my version of early Williams and Mary period wooden dolls. I am very like this style dolls with nice face and Mona Lisa smile. My doll will be 21" tall .
The eye brows and eye lashes were painted as tiny lines. She has  highly rouged cheeks. The large black spots on the faces emulate "beauty spots" which were fake moles that women applied to their skin - the height of fashion at the times. She will be dressed on 17 century period costume.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Queen Anne doll finished .SOLD

I am  finished all cloth for Ada . She got nice long jacket , silk taffeta skirt with silk lace , stomacher , hat and lace bonnet . All made from antique textiles and hand stitched .  She is sold already.

Ada  find home on Russia and ready for long trip.