Welcome to my world of beautiful Queen Anne Style Wooden Dolls. I have been making dolls for many years. My recent creations have been wooden dolls inspired by antique wooden Queen Anne dolls from around 1680 to early 1800s. All my dolls hand carved from the wood and dressed on hand stitched costumes of this period.


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Marry Christmas and Lady Marry

This doll was born on Christmas time , and I am decide named she Marry ! Lady Marry 18 1/2" tall , dressed on all antique textiles ,amazing antique silk brocade with rose design , she has 2 petticoats, nice lace apron and tiny silk brocade purse . Full jointed , glass eyes, natural red human hair . enjoy pictures
Available for sale , if you have question about this doll artdomart@yahoo.com


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Spain Queen Isabella , Queen Anne Style Doll

New doll it is ready . Spain Queen Isabella ! I am like start new line collection :" Queens of the world "
Isabella first doll on this collection . She is 20 1/2" tall , carved from wood ,,antique glass eyes and human hair wig . Most times I am cut dolls hair and cover with bonnet , Isabella has so nice silky hair, pure long , almost floor down . She is like Queen dressed on antique pin stripe and woven polka dots silk fabric , all textiles is antique , 100 years old ( laces, metallic trims, ribbons) . Isabella has nice carved boots , full jointed , and can be displayed on stand or sitting position . Nice antique patina over doll face and arms , and I made for she , net  lace gloves. So many nice details , enjoy pictures! 
Isabella available for sale , 
for more information artdomart@yahoo.com


Some details of dress ... 

Bustle style dress 

Nice carved ,painted high boots

Long hair 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

New wooden sisters on the way..

New sisters on the way , dolls will be dressed on antique silk dresses , and will be available soon .

И о жизни :
Рождество скоро , в школе у моей Сонечки прошли предпразничные концерты ( она в хоре поет ) , дети пели Рождественские песни , невероятная атмосфера праздника ! 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Queen Anne Doll baby , little Queen

Long time I am not doing little dolls , Meet little Queen Anne Doll baby , she is named Lilith, 10 1/2" tall , all like on big dolls : glass eyes , human hairs , little carved shoes , just hip jointed. She has dress and bonnet made from Antique Wool fabric with amazing rose's print  , and nice antique lace apron.
Available for sale .
artdomart@yahoo.com      SOLD

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Meet Lady Darlene, Queen Anne Style doll

Meet Lady Darlene, Queen Anne Style doll !Nice young Lady . She is almost 16" tall , full jointed , antique glass eyes , human wig . This girl dressed on nice antique silk  bustle dress , wool petticoat, I made for Darlene little copy of antique cotton bustle . Bonnet and apron made from antique lace and French silk ribbons .  Darlene has carved and painted shoes , and like all my dolls come with custom wooden  stand .Look this smile , She has nickname - Lady Smile !
Lady Darlene ready to spend Christmas time with you!
Available for Sale , and will be listed on E-BAY  ,If you have question about this doll my email is artdomart@yahoo.com. SOLD

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Queen Anne doll reproduction , 21 1/2" tall , ready to new home!

Queen Anne doll reproduction , 21 1/2" tall , ready to new home!
 Named Lady Elisabeth . All wood , jointed , glass eyes , human wig . Dressed on all antique textiles
Velvet from 18 century very distressed , and she looks , like well loved 300 years ! Look the pictures .
Elisabeth  available for sale  .
If you need more information , my e-mail artdomart@yahoo.com  SOLD

Знакомтесь - Елизавета !закончила только вчера , скажем прямо , размер имеет значение ..!
Первая моя кукла такая большая -55 см . Дама оказалась вредная , начиная с дерева , которое ну совсем не хотело резаться , а когда пришло время одеваться , тут вообще началось , и то не так и это , к концу дня я сидела посреди студии ,назвать обстановку вокруг бардаком , не сказать ничего...
 первый раз я решила начать шить одежду для куклы , до того как она будет готова , казалось , ну чего , размерчик понятный , больше так не будууу , оказалось все не годится , в итоге Лизавета выклянчила кусок бархата 18 века , от  бархата там мало осталось , но ей нравится и слава Богу . А еще в
тот раз , ботинки резные и расписанные . Вообщем фотки смотрим

 сама вышивала , больше никогда!!!

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