Welcome to my world of beautiful Queen Anne Style Wooden Dolls. I have been making dolls for many years. My recent creations have been wooden dolls inspired by antique wooden Queen Anne dolls from around 1680 to early 1800s. All my dolls hand carved from the wood and dressed on hand stitched costumes of this period.


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Spain Queen Isabella , Queen Anne Style Doll

New doll it is ready . Spain Queen Isabella ! I am like start new line collection :" Queens of the world "
Isabella first doll on this collection . She is 20 1/2" tall , carved from wood ,,antique glass eyes and human hair wig . Most times I am cut dolls hair and cover with bonnet , Isabella has so nice silky hair, pure long , almost floor down . She is like Queen dressed on antique pin stripe and woven polka dots silk fabric , all textiles is antique , 100 years old ( laces, metallic trims, ribbons) . Isabella has nice carved boots , full jointed , and can be displayed on stand or sitting position . Nice antique patina over doll face and arms , and I made for she , net  lace gloves. So many nice details , enjoy pictures! 
Isabella available for sale , 
for more information artdomart@yahoo.com


Some details of dress ... 

Bustle style dress 

Nice carved ,painted high boots

Long hair 


  1. Элегантная, утончённая...

  2. А тож , королевична поди, спасибо Люля