Welcome to my world of beautiful Queen Anne Style Wooden Dolls. I have been making dolls for many years. My recent creations have been wooden dolls inspired by antique wooden Queen Anne dolls from around 1680 to early 1800s. All my dolls hand carved from the wood and dressed on hand stitched costumes of this period.


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Blackamoor ) Black Queen Anne doll finished

 Black Queen Anne doll finished , Girl is 22" tall , full ( hip , knee ) jointed , antique glass eyes , black natural lamb skin wig , all cloth , except shoes is removable  . She is named Cassandra  on memory of one girl what I am find on list of   US slaves (Cassandra, -a girl aged 15  years gift of Reuben White to Sophia White Craven Co., S. C. 1777) .
  Doll dressed on all antique textiles , chemise made from antique batiste and laces , petticoat with hand crocheted trim ( part original antique petticoat ) , I made two skirt for Cassandra , one from cotton and second from beautiful  woven wool fabric , also headpiece matched to skirt , she has cotton apron , nice pincushion , pocket .
Too many clothes , look the pictures .


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